Meet the Designer



Michelle Cadore is the Designer, CEO, and visionary behind YES I AM, Inc, which she established in 2016, From an early age, Michelle has always been passionate and involved in entrepreneurship and inspiring others. She was the little girl who set up her parents' picnic table in front of the driveway and enlisted her little neighbors to sell lemonade, old books and toys to passing cars on her childhood block in Brooklyn. As she grew older, Michelle continued to carry the entrepreneur spirit, often leaping into new ventures.

As a graduate of the Zicklin School of Business with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Michelle has built a career around helping others realize their personal, professional and entrepreneurial goals. She spent three years giving back to entrepreneurs in Public Administration as a Program Manager and now serves as an Assistant Director with the longest standing community-based organization in Brooklyn where she helps others to build their future. A true renaissance woman, Michelle is also the Co-Owner and Managing Partner of a trendy new boutique in the heart of DUMBO called DA SPOT NYC. When she is not grinding 24/7, she is traveling abroad and helping other small business entrepreneurs encountered.

Michelle is a big advocate for speaking life and greatness into existence, and encourages others to stay inspired and “Brand Your Self”. Through her travels, entrepreneurship and life's journey, her designs and #IAM video campaign, Michelle plans to continue building the YES I AM, INC brand as a platform for others to tell their story and own it!

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