#IAM - 🎶Every day I'm Hustling 🎶


As of late, I've been pushing my new #Naturalista collection on these NYC streets especially on my way to work. So I followed a few people today. Every kinky haired/frolicious chick who I saw and caught got a business card. No one said, "NO". Yea it is semi creep mode, but I call it hustling. We stopped in the Apple Store during lunch and I gave the customer service guy with the sexy beard a card. I have a shirt for him, too (#BeardLove). I left a few of Apple's display phones just like this, too. I don't care. As packed as it was in there we can share a customer, too, Apple, and I am not ashamed.😏 #Grindmode #IAM #YESIAMINC #BRANDYOURSELF

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