I got home around 3 AM after all was said and done and the first thing I wanted to do was kiss my Momma Happy Birthday and tell her I did it!!!! She was waiting up for me and she was like I prayed you would be successful. She also says (in a hilariously blunt way) my gift is to talk 😏😏 but I KNOW she is my biggest cheerleader!! She is such a blessing. Please join me in wishing her a beautiful 65th!!!

Special, special thank you to all of you who showed support for my launch whether in spirit or in person and especially Natasha and Victoria for holding me down (God is soo good with timing and in general to bless me with y'all), Dash and Irv for helping me bring my designs to life, and Sean, Nerissa, Jonique, Hakim, Shayna, MS. Eicha, Rachel, Chad (Chad!!) and Kendon for being there. You guys are awesome!

Last but certainly not least, thanFrantzy Frantzyface, one of the kindest, hardest working and humble men that I know. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to join Potluck Culture's event (which was DOPE) as my launch and investing your time in me over these past months. Much love, appreciation and respect!

I will say this.... those years during college as a brand ambassador for other products actually came full circle yesterday, lol. Who would have thought I would be pitching my own brand and one of the best moments was when I made my first (in person) sale to a stranger!!  #IAM  #YESIAMINC #BRANDYOURSELF  

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