SUNDAY SERMON : Victoria Coker

SUNDAY SERMON : Victoria Coker


My name is Victoria Coker, owner of CLRED MEDIA and I AM creating space to promote  more inclusivity in media for creatives of color

My story: I always wanted to work in media and entertainment. Unfortunately, after my mom passed, I couldn’t follow my passion and had to get a “secure-job”.  Three years later I was let go from my “secure job” because of the recession. That is when I realized no job was secure.

In 2015, I started CLRED Media because I wanted to change media especially for media makers of color. Many times, we are chasing down opportunities from people who aren’t really concerned about us as people and more concerned about their bottom line. I am now creating a safe space for creators and providing access to new content.

There are so many talented emerging Black and Brown creators out here. These creatives just need a space to be seen. I know with CLRED Media I am building something greater than me.  It’s for the culture.

To learn more and support CLRED MEDIA please check out ColoredContent and Black Web Fest.


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